What is the BIO Boardlist?

The BIO Boardlist is a searchable database of diverse candidates who are available for boards. The curated talent marketplace focuses on the biotechnology industry.

How does the BIO Boardlist work?

There are three important aspects of the BIO Boardlist: Endorser, Candidate, and Searcher. The database offers Searchers the opportunity to find board Candidates that meet their search criteria. Candidates must be nominated by an Endorser if they do not have corporate board experience.

Who endorses candidates for the BIO Boardlist?

BIO Boardlist Endorsers must have experience serving on a private or public board and have current or previous experience as a CEO or in the C-suite (VP level and above reporting directly to the CEO).

How do you ensure that BIO Boardlist candidates are qualified? Who approves?

BIO will review candidate profiles to ensure that they meet the criteria of the BIO Boardlist.

How does a prospective candidate join the BIO Boardlist?

Each candidate without corporate board experience must be nominated by at least one Endorser Member of the BIO Boardlist. Eligible candidates for the talent marketplace are women, people of color, and individuals who identify as LGBTQ+.

We suggest, though it's not required, that Candidates on the BIO Boardlist meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Influencer, thought leader, or domain expert in the biotechnology industry
  • Previous experience on boards (including nonprofit, advisory) a plus

Who is eligible to search the BIO Boardlist database?

If you have previous or current experience as a board director of a public or private company, you can search the BIO Boardlist. If you are searching on behalf of an investment firm or search firm, your firm must be a current, paid Corporate or VC Member of theBoardlist to search the database. To learn more about becoming a Corporate or VC Member, contact the Boardlist at